Roberts Heritage Foundation with Dale Bertrand – An Intuitive Journey

Join us on this Ancient Wisdom Adventure – Come with us and be open to yourself making Intuitive Discoveries, Journaling, Storytelling, Seeking Knowledge, and Ancient Wisdom Questing. This work has been develped by Azatlan and the Roberts Heritage Foundation.

Dale Bertrand is Executive Director of the Roberts Heritage Foundation. He a recognized expert and collector of antiquities, specializing in ethnographic, ancient and aboriginal art and author of the ‘Druidical Quest’ and publisher of 5 other related books by John Hugh Roberts.   He has been a teacher of Public Speaking , Communications & Self – Empowerment.

John Hugh Roberts (1850-1917) was a prolific Mystical Writer, a Welshman, who was educated by three women, he referred to as the Three Mermaids, one from Brittany, one from Cornwall and one from north Wales. He is said to have explored in Mexico in 1848 and later in the early 1850’s arrived in Toronto and finally in Vancouver, B.C. Canada. He wrote 60 years of diaries and in his final years wrote stories, poems and the Druid manuscripts plus a 256 page manuscript known as The Stone book of Knowledge. This was digitized and finally published in 2018 by Dale Bertrand. John Hugh died in Vancouver in 1917.

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What People Say

” The Roberts manuscripts are fascinating and certainly worth transcribing and analyzing fully.” National Library of Wales.

“ The sequence of event is typical of a planned campaign. Wise to take 7 years to tackle. The challenge to sit at Arthur’s Round Table, the CATHEDRAL OF INTUITION.”  Dr. David Davies, Professor Emeritus, Wales

” As a born Welshman familiar with Kymrik and a member of the Welsh Academy  – this is an important discovery.” Bill Meilan

” The Druidical Quest book – like out of a fantasy novel, but fantastically true: a magical, mystical tour back into the heart of Druidry. An epic journey.” Penn Kemp, City of London’s poet laureate 2010-2012


List of Blogs

All twenty eight Blog posts shown on this page. The last twenty five years this work has been developed by the Roberts Heritage Foundation.

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Twenty Five – John Hugh and Anne Roberts Family

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Twenty first and Twenty second – From Wales to Canada & Finding the Manuscripts

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Sixteenth Blog – First Trip to Wales

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thirteenth Blog – Excerpt from diairy of John Hugh Roberts

Twelfth Blog post – Labyrinths & Finding your own!

Eleventh Blog Post – Spring Equinox & the Druid Renaissance

Tenth Blog Post – Druid Manuscripts – January 2021

Ninth Blog Post – Druidical Quest – January 2021

Eighth Blog Post – Ancient Wisdom Quests Have you gone to a Sacred Site? – November 2020

Seventh Blog Post – Gaelcerth of Halloween – October 21 2020

Sixth Blog Post – Early Canadian Family – Sept 2020

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Fourth Blog Post – August 2020

“Inner Merlin Questing – Dale Bertrand personal Druidical Quest after receiving the Druid Manuscripts

Third Blog Post:

The Wonderful Record’ – Easter Islanders come to South America

John Hugh Roberts wrote the Wonderful Record with a lot of surprising history. One was that Easter Islanders after a deluge came to South America.

Second Blog Post:

Celtic Connection’ – “Mystical Writing of a Cymric Soul”

Article from the ‘Celtic Connection’ newspaper: John Hugh Roberts: who called himself ‘The Last Recorder of the Druids’, history of his life and the stories, and writings written at the turn of the century in Canada.

First Blog Post:

 ‘Introduction to the ‘Druidical Quest’ Blog 

This post will give an introduction to the intuitive discoveries. It will chronicle a gift to Dale from his mother which launched the prophecy. Dr. David Davies said, “this is part of a planned campaign.”

The blog as well as being inspirational will encourage you to be Creative and go on your own Quest for Ancient Wisdom.  

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With the help of sharing these writing, and our Adventures it will help us understand Ancestral Knowledge, and be a way for you to make your own unique inner journey. At this time of transformation come together with us to heal the world. We have more videos to come .