Ancient Wisdom Quests – Have you gone to a Sacred Site?

In looking at our travels discovered we have been to 20 different sites on the Great Dragon Ley Lines that move around the earth and intercept like DNA. We are looking in 2021 to share more of these travels and also to post stories of other people’s travels to the Sacred Sites. Even travels in Soul Travel in dreams to these Sacred places.

We have looked at Robert Coon’s drawing of the Ley Lines and Chakras of the Earth and been inspired by his research to do a grid of our travels. (See below)

We traveled in the 1970’s to Europe for a year and a half and were very impressed with historical sites there.

In 1973/74 we travelled to India and we awe struck in seeing Ajanta and Ellora and the Kailash temple carved into the mountain.

In researching the Druid manuscripts Dale went many time to Wales and met with Dr. David Davies and got many fascinating connections.

He also felt the connection to Peru and went to 1984 and did find some ceramics with Celtic designs in them museum. He made a photo journey to Machu Picchu and to the peak of Huayna Picchu.

In 1986 the book of Dodoland was taken as a Theatre Production to a Conference in Gautemala. After the conference we visited the Sacred Site of Tikal.

Dale was taken by John Hugh’s record of the ‘Wonderful Record‘ and the connection of the people from Easter Island to a voyage to Peru. In 2001 we were invited to go the Island Festival in Jeju Island and were representing Vancouver Island. We felt fortunate to meet some Maori people from New Zealand and dancers from Easter Island. We shared the manuscripts with the people from Easter Island. They found them fascinating as they said there was little history of their island. Recent finding have found there is DNA link from there – the Polynesian Island to South America and this is what was stated in John Hugh’ s record.

In 1996 we went to live in Mexico and did the start up of a school in Guatelajara and saw a few ancient sites in Mexico. Dale also went in 1995 to Chichen Itza.

In 1997 we lived in England and visited many Sacred Spots also in Wales, Scotland and Ireland. We also revisited in 2004 the Sacred Sites of Stonehenge, Avebury, Glastonbury, various Stone Circle in Cornwall and New Grange .

Found it fascinating that Bali was one of the two connection pionts of the Male and Female Dragon Ley Lines. Bali has been important to us in the last then years and we have led many workshops there and had a chance to also share the Druid writings.

Our world is magical and the possibilities endless. If you have gone and felt the energy of these Sacred Sites of Ancient Wisdom please let us know as we would like in 2021 to share this with others.

To Ancient Wisdom

Dale Bertrand (and Della Burford)


  1. just to name a few more places; (been there & done that…) -Fraser River delta -Light House Park -Winnipeg (the Forks) -Temples of the Sun & Moon (Teotihuacan, Mexico) -Pyramid of the Magician (Uxmal, Mexico) -Palenque (Mexico) -Tulum (Mexico) -Copan (Honduras) -Valley of the Moon (above La Paz, Bolivia) -Foz Iguazu (Paraguay, Argentina) -the Temple Mount (Jerusalem) -Petra (Jordan) -Luxor & Karnak (Egypt) -Khajuraho, Varanasi (India) -Bodhnath & Swayambhunath Temples, (Nepal) -Angkor Wat, Bayan (Cambodia) -Pagan (Burma) -Ayers Rock (Australia)

    …and did you know that my eldest daughter Sara’s middle name is Ellora

    my 2c

    sent from Harley’s i-Phone

    “what was no longer is” Harley Glesby “…and what was will always be” Reb Jonathan Infeld


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  2. Fantastic Harley .. would love to put together one post on your travels to these sacred places .. do you have any photos? I love that they are all over the world.


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