Chief Festival of the Druids – John Hugh Roberts – book produced by Dale Bertrand and the Roberts Heritage Foundation.

“Chief Festival of the Druids” as described in the writings of John Hugh Roberts a born Welshman living in Canada at the turn of the century.

The illuminations of the book “Chief Festivals of the Druids” were done by Leo Del Pasqua. Produced by Dale Bertrand.

At the finish of the excerpt from the book is an invitation made 29 years ago to a ceremony based around John Hugh Roberts description of the Festival of the Red Swords. This was led by Astrological Shaman Daniel Giamario and below you will also see links to his website. He had many exciting programs he leads today.

The first on the list in respect to time is “The Feast of the Red Swords’ or the red stars. It is a move-able feast like Easter. It commemorates the first Covenant in Azatlan which happened at the time of the full moon in the Sign Taurus the Bull and sun in the sign of Scorpio (Scorpion) at the night flow of the waters ( tide). Three brothers were fishing (Hea, Hoa and Hua), … There appeared an immense number of fish literally filling the water, having filled the boat during the night, the fish suddenly disappeared. Having followed the fish into a great cave, they explored the cave and came to a subterranean river that came out of the mountains into a great open sea or ocean.

This was a great discovery, in as much as the surplus population could be disposed of in colonies as they became too numerous to dwell in Azatlan, hence was founded the everlasting covenant. (Traditional) The meaning of this word strictly is extrean. “As long as the sign appears… the chief sign is the Bull (Bwla in the Kymrik) or Taurus. The chief star is ’Alderbaran’ (Bull’s Eye) = a rudy star. Opposite to this star in the heavens is the other rudy star “Antares”. With the first is the full moon, and the last, the sun. And Mars the rudy planet is the correspondent or warrior king, the move-able star – allegorically, the agent that executes the decrees of the Kings, ORION, the three stars called the Belt of Orion are called the 3 Kings, representing three tribe of nations in the Golden Land or new Azatlan Colonies that is, the continent that existed where now the Pacific Ocean is.

In the Islands of this present day, this Festival is still observed. In the Fiji Islands the appearance of fish or worms make their appearance only on two days of the year: first in October early and at the end of November ( between the 20th and 25th) of the month they appear in countless myriads for a few hours in the morning before the rising sun. At the first appearance of the sun they disappear and not seen for another year. They call this feast the Great (in number) Balolo : Palolo Viridis.

Will skip to a song sung at the festival:

“When Rudy face Andres shall entertain ’San’ (Sun)

And San is saluted by Alderbaran

And Nergal the warrior Be Guard at the Door

The Druids and the Christians shall meet on the shore

Foot to foot, knee to knee

Breast to Breast embracing”.


Illustrations by Leo de Pasqua

There are 16 more pages of illumination in the “Chief Festival of the Druids”

Twenty nine years ago, in 1991, Daniel Giamario invited people to a Full Moon Ceremony having the information from the Druid Manuscripts and John Hugh Robert’s writings as inspiration, He followed the information given by Roberts that was astrological and astronomical. It celebrated the Covenant of Azatlan dating back to the submergence of the Pacific continent and the colonies being formed by the survivors. It was designed for serious transmutation of energies and was used in this Celebration.

This ceremony was held in Point Sal – Wilderness Beach and simutaneous also in Sedona and Hawaii. Contact for Daniel – a Astrological Shamans- link are below. Thanks Dale Bertrand and Della Burford

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