Surprising find at the Recycling Store (at Dump) at Saltspring – ‘ Stone Book of Knowledge’ by John Hugh Roberts

I ( Dale Bertand) told the story in the beginning of this Druidical Quest Blog of of how a vision came to me in California and I saw an Ancient Being. I was told I would be on a path of healing. I felt a strong urge to study the Druids and proclaimed to my wife Della at 3 in the morning “I must study the Druids. Soon after I went visit my mother in Vancouver. In Seattle I called my mother and she arranged to come down and pick me up at the bus depot in Vancouver.  After which we returned to her apartment and visited for a couple of hours. 

During our conversation she said “I have some things that I think you will be excited about, She pulled out from under the couch old manuscripts, dairies and painting which she had inherited from the estate of a friend who just passed away late 1978 at 92 years old. The man was Charles Steele, twenty years her elder, and they had gone to many antique and garage sales together. He was noted as being the “first registered boy” to of been born in Vancouver in 1986.   She bent over and handed me the pile of old written manuscripts, writings, drawings painting, books of writing all in a very fine script.  The paper on top had the words at the top of the page, `Chief Festivals of the Druids`, my hands started to shake, the next titled, `The Gaelcerth or Bonfire at Halloween`, my birthday is on Halloween.  By now I am going into a bit of shock as 6 days before I have had this revelation that I mentioned above that I must study the Druids and all of a sudden I am lead to this treasure trove of information that was coming to me from my mother.  I had not in any way told her of the events in California, as I knew she could just have been totally skeptic of these happenings.

Next major event in the synchronistic developments happened after 7 years when having read and re read the writings and upon discovering a peculiar numbering system Roberts used I was able to deduce that we had approx. 19 to 21 percent of the written papers the rest having been lost.  Della and I had tried to understand what was all written here we worked with a number of professors but were unable to comprehend much from the papers as there were large gaps missing.  Our good friends left Toronto to fly out to Saltspring Island in BC where among other visits saw our mutual friends Doug Atkins.  He gave them a book for him to take back and give to me.  On his return he presented me with this book and upon opening it saw that it was a fully handwritten book in the same handwriting and in fact was written by John Hugh Roberts and this book was the key to all of the other writings, all 256 pages of it.  Doug had found it in the recycling store at the dump in Ganges the town on Saltspring and after spending 2 dollars for it made sure he got it to me. So this is how the Stone Book of Knowledge came to us.

There are many fascinating lesson in the book. We will first talk of the first page which has “Tales of the Toltec Retold” – Azatlan City, first cradle of the Gods, Home of the Angels, before the great flood. Hope of the rightious, faith of the Hea-Der, Resting at lastin the Ciry of Ner.

He mentions the Toltec in the beginning and we find it fascinating that in this year 2020 the Toltec prophecies are being taught by such Shamans like Sergio Magana who is sharing the Toltec Secrets and about the prophecy in his ancient teachings that was told that year 2020 would be a time of difficulties – including illness and economic but at the same a time for new beginnings. And this leads us to the Solstice Dec 21st which is the beginning of the Sixth Sun and a time for new intentions to be clearly stated so they can be manifested.

Getting back to the John Hugh Roberts writings he mentions that the Toltecs came from Azatlan which was the land of the Stationary Star.

He also states “that the different tribes of Azatlan originated in the secret chambers of the Earth. One were the Toltec and three brothers went fishing and discovered a shale of small fish which they followed into a great cave… the boat was carried into the sea and they founded a beautiful and fertile land which they called New Azatlan. At one point the sea was gaining on the land, and the built ship and found refuge on an island . When a flood came to the Golden Continent (Rapa Nui) 25,000 people saved themselves by climbing up the highest mountains to the three volcanoes where a store of food had been kept. Many people ,2400, left to go east to the first land called Terra Del Fuego and built the city of Titikaka and later built many cities descending towards the east ( Gulf of Mexico now). They then sailed east to the land of the “Blue Sea- Men” , men of Giant Stature, and whose hair was blue and beards. They entered into the Covenant of Glas Merlin They were only found one one island about the center of the group ( now called the British Isles.) They called in Teman ti tlan. They founded the Temple of Teman. Three Famous Temples were built there. They met the Druidians there.”

There is many stories in the Stone Book of Knowledge .. in a future post on the blog we will go into various parts of the Book. In receiving the hand written book in 1986 ,after many years of work, and with new technological developments, we have finally been able to make it into a book with all 272 page and the original writing maintained. Fascinating and now available for all. Please find it in the link below.

For now we wish everyone to have a Happy Solstice and make your intentions for yourself and the world strong and for peace and harmony.

Happy Solstice.

Dale Bertrand ( and also Della Burford)

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