“The Druids are coming”! Quests to Power Spots in the World by Dale Bertrand Excalibur!

Druidical Quest by Dale Bertrand – and intuitive journey in researching the John Hugh Roberts Druid manuscripts

The Druids are coming! After decades of research on druid writing of 100 years ago the time has arrived for the druids to come again! Stones will speak! I saw this video we did and noticed 500 people had seen it and thought ” so amazing to think of the connection to the spirit of these powerful stones and the history they have.” So will share again.

Druidical Quest” is an intuitive journey to discover the meaning of mystical “Druid manuscripts”, and the “Stones of Knowledge“. Tales and revelations are recorded by John Hugh Roberts  (1828-1917) — “Recorder of the Druids” such as “The Three Mermaids” , and “Chief Festival of the Druids“.

  Dale Bertrand author of “Druidical Quest” and Della Burford who with Dale are co-adventurers and co-producers of the video journeyed to Sacred Stone sites all over the world to understand the connections and meanings within. They recorded by photo, film and poems at Stonehenge, Avebury, New Grange, Bocsacwen-Un, Land’s End, Bardsey Island, Chichen-Itza, and Machu Picchu and many other sacred locations which are power points of the earth.  

Stone Circles are entered. Mysteries are revealed. Included are some of the original manuscripts, a poem by Bill Meilan, and Illuminations by Leo Del Pasqua. Now the “Three Mermaids”, “Chief Festival of the Druids”, ” Galcerth of Halloween” & “Nennius” are illuminated books, and another book published called by John Hugh Roberts ” The Stone Book of Knowledge“.

At Bocsacwen Della, Dale, Barbera Tremain and the late Sue Bladon met. At New Grange Marian Hall was with Della and Dale and in Wales Elwyn Roberts joined us.

The music in Celtic — “Marieva’s Project” — Creative Commons by Branger Renaud . Thanks to the Roberts Heritage Foundation.    The book “Druidical Quest” by Dale Bertrand is presently available at Amazon.com For more info contact Dale at the address indicated on http://www.azatlan.com.

Also there is a FB page called “Druidical Quest” and now this Blog called Druidical Quest. Spirits of the Celts,  spirits of Kymrik alive! Druidical Quest is on! Excalibur!

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