Druid Manuscripts gifted to Dale Bertrand by his mother – preservation of legacy with the Roberts Heritage Foundation

Dale received the manuscripts from his mother who inherited them from Charles Steele who happened to be the first boy who was registered to be born in Vancouver and the grandson of the man who wrote them – John Hugh Roberts. At the time Dale noticed the Druid Manuscripts all had names. You can see some of the names below.. we will go thru them as the blog progresses. If you have an interest in one in particular please let us know. We have done beautiful illuminated books of three of them. This took a year and a half by artist Leo del Pasqua. In 1996 the Roberts Heritage Foundation was formed to preserve the legacy of this Celtic knowledge. See below some of the names of the manuscripts.

BB- Brief comment on part of 141 verses.
Merlin as Druid
The Seal of Julius Caesar. Gods of Teman
Translation by Inspiration of Book of Job
Translation of 2 keys from Lirpa Laugh
Last Eisteddfod in 1170 A.D. move to Cuzco cir 1186 by Owain King Of Gwyneth.
Elongation of the Magnetic Pole
DD- Nigabosa – Objibway Myth- deluge .. Drawing done by Leo del Pasqua
Cornish Legend, Druids Head, Dominical Day and some Astrology
Transit of Venus and Flood Data
EE- Gododin
Translation -orders of the Druids & Covenants
Chronology – Flood – 500 B.C.
GG- Three Mermaids,Ceremony- Personal History
Ceremony at Sarn Badric or Caer Swyddno-
Illumination done by Leo del Pasqua
HH Gaelcerth of Halloween – Halloween Bonfire. 11th November,Astrology timing Nervins Sacred circle
Queen of Enos,Astrology references – “Revelation” keys,br> Illumination done by Leo del Pasqua
II- Vancouver – Fir Tree Characters, Use revelation if key is found – finding writing in the rings of the trees.
JJ- Bardsey Island
Secha – keyboard Tetragram
Book of Job -Gododin – Revelation-Stone Book -Oracle of Teman
LL- 1st Verse of Stone Book 6th Century facsimile & key
“Trouble of the Christians” Biblical references

NN- Constellation with Pisces, facsimile for working out ceremonial times.
OO- Triad 88 Signs of Possession with Rules of Julian Period, Analysis of Triads
PP- Eli Eli Lama Sabachthani
Table of Hieroglyphics and Signs of Possession
Mystic Square applied to the heading,Comparison of Gospels and differences
Table of the Grandfather Clock
QQ- Book of Job Signs of Possession and Gender
Unit of Multiplication
RR- Nevi haven (Nevon) Nevin – in Gwyneth (Heaven)
Tetragram – key to find Biblical extracts
Facts and Fiction
SS- Golden Key, Gender Rules and Fractions (Nines)
Abram and Saraai revealed
TT- Perpetual Triad of Triads Cycles (90),Generation key, Epacts of Moon and Centuries
VV- Chronological Dates Caesar- Excalibur
Boundaries Covenants, Calendar Change
Pivot Stones / Symbols of Inspiration
XX- Table of Kymric vowels and consonants,Planets/ Phrenology – drawing
Spiritual Urn-Scroll writing- Covenant
YY- Four Season/Quarters,Astronomy, Stars & Meridian
River (Rhiwerth) use of 7

AAA- Nergals – Saxons- Coronites- Taliesin
BBB- Riddle
CCC- Key of Nines Table Allwed Y Naway
DDD- Astronomy – Zodiac -Language – vowels connection and Table
True time of the Planets using Triads, Column of Nines
Century Progressive No’s 2 Tables
EEE- Some British History,Verse of Cattoc the Wise and Taliesin
Translation from Lllywarch Hen (Lirpa Laugh),Revelation
GGG- Chief Festival of Druids (Illumination by Leo Del Pasqua
HHH- Ancient Cornish – Genesis Account
Creation Story – Astronomy-Physics
III- Assyrian Babylonian Cuneiform Writing
Deluge Story (Genesis) Druid Hieroglyphics connected

JJJ- Nennius
Ancient Christians were also sometimes Druids
Time of Ceremony was important, Revelations and History
Illuminated by Leo Del Pasqua
LLL- Guide to the Universal Language
Facsimile of Seal of Inspiration – Double Tetragram
Table of Vowels and Consonants
MMM- Dominical Day Lesson,Gender of Planets
Tetragram Square of 100 Hierogliphics,For Astology and Allegory
NNN- Perpetual Triad of Easter
Tetragram – Eclipses
PPP- Objibway Lord’s Prayer
Language – Revelation
QQQ- Leku-Leku, Papuan song (Kamali Tongue)
RRR- Fragment Rule for Easter
SSS- Fragment – As Lords of Teman
UUU- Mystery of the No & Astrology Rule
Astrology – Transit of Venus and Flood Data

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