Ancient Wisdom Quest with Dale Bertrand – Macchu Picchu

On Dale and Della’s trip in 1998 they went to Port Madoc and the Eisteddvod location near Port Madoc. This is the place where Madoc was suppose to of sailed to America as written in the paper by John Hugh Roberts:

” And now we must go thru the fog and mist of time and more and endeavour to rise above them, on the mountains of Europe this time in the year 1170 ano Domino we are told the last Eisteddvod or Congress of the Druids was held in Wales according to the ancient prediction. The signs of the time demanded the withdrawal of certain relics of the order from Wales where they had been guarded faithfully by the five royal families, at that time Owain King of Gwenez had them in charge. two of his sons Howel and Madoc, and the ArchDruid were appointed to carry the relics to Azatlan – this was sucessfully done. Madoc returned in due time- that is to say after he had witnessed the sun and moon and all the planets in Libra – this took place in 1186, afterwards he gathered and provisioned 10 ships, and in these the Druids and others sailed to Azatlan or America and joined other in the founding of the Incas and helped build the city of Cuzco were some of the relics were deposited and Madok Owain and Manko Kapak were one and the same.”

This fascinating writing in the John Hugh Roberts Druid papers was the reason for Dale to go to Peru on the 27 of October 1987 . He was met at the airport by Lopes Wagner and took him to a hotel in Lima. Dale photographed thousands of Lima residents from his window who were in a religious procession. Dale flew to Cuzco and stayed for a week. On Monday Dale did something unusual .A man “Pepe” who showed him around he bought for his birthday and new pair of shoes. Hard to see people in need and not do anything.

From Dale’ diary: “Even though having some altitude sickness went to the Museo e Institute de Arqueologia. Found some pottery that looked like Celtic designs on it. Went for a hike to Sacsayhuamas. This was the head and mouth of the Puma. Cuzco was built on the design of a Puma. Sacsayhuamas is 300 metres higher than Cuzco and about 2 kilometres from the center. Tomorrow Machu Picchu.”

Photograph by Dale Bertrand

We will put together a image show of Dale’s trip to Machu Picchu. He climbed up the dangerous steps to the highest point. Huaya Picchu and got the view of a lifetime and amazing photos.

Photograph by Dale Bertrand

In 2020/21 Della and Dale studied with a Peruvian medicine person and Healer – Don Oscar Miro de Quesada and saw his slides of his travels to Peru. Dale started to think of also showing his images which were taken in the 80’s and when Della posted on one on the class page Don Oscar commented that the man standing in front of the Inti is one of his dear friends and a medicine person. This was an amazing coincidence as the photo was taken 30 + years earlier.

Inti – for the Sun Ceremony – Photograph by Dale Bertrand

Dale studied further with the Medicine person Puma and was able to feel he was in Peru again. They even did a Despacho ceremony with a woman Medicine woman. During this time of transition is certainly is reassuring to learn of the prophecy of the Sixth Sun and that many things happening today were prophesized. Also the affirmation that this is a time of transition and transformation for many people. This all helps in staying positive today.

Photograph by Dale Bertrand

Enjoy the photos of Peru!

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