‘Druidical Quest’ by Dale Bertrand and Illuminated Books produced by Dale and the Roberts Heritage Foundation of John Hugh Robert’s writings.

Dale wrote a book, about his years of research and travels on the ‘Druid Manuscripts’ written by John Hugh Roberts – a Celtic mystic in 2008 called’ Druidical Quest. He then worked on a project to produce illuminated book of four of John Hugh Roberts manuscripts. The ninety page of beautiful illuminations were done by Leo Del Pasqua and took two years to complete. You can see links below to the various books. These are all with the Azatlan Publishing and the Roberts Heritage Foundation.

Dale is happy to share this work and vision. He continues to share the writings on this Blog and will be posted various related Vision Quests and also pages from the original manuscripts.

This is a page from the book “Art for One World’ which share 59 years of ART FOR ONE WORLD with

Dale Bertrand, Della Burford and Kazuko Asaba and Ruu Ruu are feature in the book “Art of One World It . It includes inspiration and Art Activities to make a difference in the world. One activity is the Four Winds, Four Directions Mandalas which Dale facilitated doing with hundreds of children.

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