Spring Equinox and the Druid Renaissance! Follow the work of the Roberts Heritage Foundation!

Spring Equinox and wishing everyone a time of renewal. In seeing the word renewal reflected on an article I read recently called “Druid Renaissance” by Lucy Jones. It seems to be the time now for this after going through the Pandemic and people looking for ways to honor nature and looking back at traditions that do this. She mentions in her article:  ”Essentially, it is a spiritual path rooted in the earth, a contemporary way of honoring the land and connecting with nature that draws on ideas and traditions gleaned from snippets of knowledge from ancient Druidry.  Historical accounts suggests Druids promoted pacifism and a respected knowledge of the natural world. These days, justice and peace are important pillars of modern Druidry and celebrating nature is a key element. Druids express this is various ways: through magic, star lore, tree lore, animal lore, mythologies, music, herbalism , beekeeping, forestry, spoken world.

 Apparently there are many urban Druids. Lucy Jones states in her article, “But, in fact, there are many thousands of people practicing modern Pagan Druidry in Britain and elsewhere. It has been steadily growing since the 1990s, with a surge of interest over the last few months. The largest order in the UK, The Order of Bards, Ovates, and Druids (OBOD), has twenty-two thousand members, living in every continent of the world, and there are other orders, too. The OBOD also has a large following online because of its popular weekly program on Facebook, “Tea with a Druid.” The “Tea with the Druid” is by Philip Carr Gomm who became the Chief of the Druids of OBOD in 1988. He has since retired and involved in other projects.

Dale Bertrand received the Druid Manuscripts in the 1979 and has been exploring and researching the material since. John Hugh Roberts clearly states in the manuscripts (written at the turn of the century in Canada – 1860-1890 ) that the interest will go back again to the teachings of the Druids and that he was writing his writing not for the people of the time he was living in but future generations. He does go into stories, star lore, spoken word and statements like the ‘Earth is a living thing’. Because of the reading of these manuscripts we have been open to going to power spots with megaliths and sacred structures and places in England, Wales, Scotland and Ireland. It even has taken us to respect and honor many sacred places all over the world.

But getting back to the “Tea with a Druid”. While working in England and studying the manuscripts met a fellow who was a friend of a friends and he was a Druid. He was going to a ceremony at the Tor with Philip Carr Gomm leading it and invited us. I went by bus and was so glad I did as it was a real connection to the turning of the season, the Equinox, and was spectacularly done with a parade with people in costumes, poetry, fire dancers and touching ceremonial words to connected the people there to the elements and all of nature and the star nations. I really enjoyed it but had to hurry back as the next day I was flying back to Canada.

Dale and I Della)have traveled to Power Spots and Dale to Wales many times. Azatlan published in 2008 the book” Druidical Quest” to document this and show some of the original writings of John Hugh Roberts. Twenty five years ago the Roberts Heritage Foundation was formed to help continue the legacy and preservation of the Robert’s family contributions. The Spring Equinox makes me know this sharing of this work should during this transformational time blossom further. If you have an interest to know more join the Druidical Quest Blog to follow the work of the Robert Heritage Foundation. Take care and keep your personal flowering alive and well!

Invite to launch of Druidical Quest at Michael Golland Studio – Toronto .. 2008 – Book now available on Amazon
Druidical Quest by Dale Bertrand – includes writing by John Hugh Roberts – Illuminations Leo Del Pasqua

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