Celtic Connection – Mystical Writings from a Kymric Soul

From Celtic Connection newspaper:

John Hugh Roberts: Mystical Writings from a Kymric Soul

By Dale Bertrand

Early Vancouver was home to many interesting characters: one of these was a Welsh Mystique and his family.

John Hugh Roberts immigrated to Canada from Wales with his wife Anne in the early 1850 and after living in various locations in eastern Canada settled in Toronto. He was successful at buying property at Queen and Sherbourne and lived then in 1981 and he and his wife Anne Roberts picked up their family Tomhu, , Mississippi, Sarah and traveled across Canada to Vancouver via San Francisco.  In Vancouver they homesteaded at Quebec and 10th eventually building their dream castle “Penlangara” in Point Grey.

John Hugh’s legacy: Over 55 years of diaries of early Canadian life in detail describing Vancouver from 1884- 1917  and the mysterious manuscripts– the “Druid papers” and the book “The Stone Book of Knowledge”. This is being preserved by the Roberts Heritage Foundation.

He was educated by three woman, one from Brittany, Mary St. John, one woman from Cornwall, Mary Temannaur and Mary Movrin Roberts, from Wales. These three woman who had similar names meaning the sea were known as the “Three Mermaids”. They took him under their wings and taught him Runes, Ogama, Egyptian Hieroglyphics, Cuneiform, Phoenician, Gaelic, Modern and Ancient Hebrew and other arcane languages. He writes “that he is one of the Hereditary Druids (Lords of Teman) . We inherits a certain right or privilege under the covenant , provided he conformed to certain ordinances. Among these rights was the privilege of reading the wonderful records of nearly 7300 years old.

Later in life he received a charm of which he writes “enclosed in the charm, a key to these hieroglyphics. And for the last nine years I devoted all of my time to the study and translation of these ancient Secrets of Inspiration and Revelation.” These nine years of his life were spent in Vancouver.


What a beautiful synchronicity. Years ago at a oak grove a mistletoe fell from the tree and landed next to my foot at the moment when I was thinking of mistletoe. I haven’t come across much information about the druids, but have always been interested to learn more. Thank you for creating this blog. It is a gift I am sure that will be appreciated in days to come.” Darlene Michelle

When I sit under the canopy of large oak trees, I feel a connection to the druids. Thank you for bringing this to life. Jim Moore


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