The Wonderful Record

We read an article July 9th 2020 and heard in a program on CBC radio that “the people from Easter Island have genetic traces in their DNA to indigenous South Americans”.  Let me tell you about the “Wonderful Record”.

     The writing of John Hugh Roberts came into Dale’s hands 40 years ago. We were always fascinated by one paper called “The Wonderful Record”.. explained how people came from Easter Island to South America. And then these people went from south to North and then across the ocean to Britain and Wales. To our surprise in the newspaper and on the CBC radio this week was an article on how scientists have discovered the DNA of people from Easter Island is mixed with people from South America. Suddenly what we believed to be true in the Druid manuscripts has evidence.

      John Hugh Roberts loved history and wrote many poems some inspired by an old Welsh book which called the “Stone Book” – the Gododin in which he says writes about the Teutha De Dan-an or Teuth Der-Gana.  He goes on to say Der Gana, people of the oak groves, or the woods, were subjects of the sun or day (Derwid-Druid) , “gana meaning white  or light. He goes on to talk about the everlasting Covenants.

      In the “Wonderful Record” Roberts goes on to say the Druids (Derwyddon) belonged to both the Teut-h-a-tana , people of the ocean or water and Teutha- De- Dan-na, People of the Stones (Circles) –  the men of Science, Druids (Derwyddon) belonged to both , and were the United or Peaceful people. He goes thru a history from Noah’s flood to the settlement of western Europe.

    After this speaks of the Hosts of the Moon and the first place was at Rapa Nui the cornerstone of the Golden Continent (now called Easter Island). He goes on to say at the time of the Deluge (Flood) there was 3 perpetual fires which went out. The De Danan or Titans (2500 of them) saved themselves by travelling for nine weeks till they found land which they named “Lanittian” (Terradelfuego) in 2365B.C.

     Three years after they built a city called Ti-ti=ca-ca.. then they moved northward to the highland of Cuzco, and the head water of the Amazon, where they dwelled for another 300 years (to 3000 B.C.) , from here one tribe went North, the other East.. following the great river and met at Tinochtitlan (Mexico) here they dwelled for 111year ( 3111) . Here they abandoned the place because of a plague and they spread all over the north country and founded “Azatlan” most famous city that was built on the face of the earth (3161 B.C.).

       They then penetrated eastward to the great lakes, and built a second city called “Ar-om-ogg” (near lake “ogg” now called Ontario). After many ships crossed the sea to “Werdlan” (Greenland) and from there to “Glas Merdin” (Britian) this was 3714 B.C.. About 1000 years before Christ, they settled in Ti-main-ti-tan or “Teman” .. from here they went south east. (Cornwall??? This is not stated but Cornwall is southeast)

      We have always found the “Wonderful Record” fascinating and because of it Dale went to Peru ( Cuzco),  we traveled to Mexico, and Dale called his company Azatlan. The Roberts Heritage Foundation was formed. John Hugh has other writing on Teman and we lived in England for a year and traveled a dozen times to Wales to research his writing further. One place we went to was where John Hugh said Teman was (he even has a map) and the people in Criccieth there when we went had stories of a town being there before that is now under the water.  We met some people from Easter Island when representing Canada at the Island Festival in Korea and showed them the  original paper in 2005 of the “Wonderful Record” by John Hugh Roberts. They told us there was little record of their history on Easter Island but they said archeologists were coming to the Island to do research and they were equally fascinated.

Now to see this article in July 2020 stating “Indigenous Americans and Polynesians crossed thousands of miles of open ocean and made contact with each other as early as 1200 A.D., centuries before the arrival of Europeans, a new study has found. Rapa Nui , also known as Easter Island,  have genetic traces in their DNA linked to indigenous South Americans”.

     They don’t know how this happened.. but we are told in the manuscripts, that were written at the turn of the century, how people traveled from Easter Island to South America and that it was much earlier – in 2365 B.C.

      Now with result showing DNA discoveries between the people from Easter Island and South America makes something we believed for forty years from the John Hugh Roberts manuscripts to actually have evidence is to us super. Life is unfolding.. we are all connected in many ways. 


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