First blog post – From Ancient Being to the formation of the Roberts Heritage Foundation.

Ancient Being Appears

Many synchronistical events have taken place in the forty years since I had a mystical experience in Los Angles in February of 1979.  It was here that I saw Ancient Being, golden with a pointed head, being channeled thru the healer Rose Gladden from Scotland at the Rainbow Rose Festival. To my surprise I was told “I would be involved in a path of healing.” My intuitive reaction right after hearing this and later in the evening, meeting Dr. David Davies, professor emeritus, was “I have to study the Druids”.  Five days later on a visit to Canada these Druid manuscripts were given to me by my mother. She surprised me and pulled out from under the couch a stack of parchment paper with beautiful handwriting, along with sketches and oil paintings on canvas. Examination of the obviously old parchments revealed that the one on top was titled “Chief Festival of the Druids” and the next one, “Galcerth of Halloween” – which so happens to be my birthday.

My mother went on to explain that the papers were given to her by the estate of Charles Steele (who was a dear friend of hers), and who just so happened to have been the first boy to have been registered at the registry office in New Westminister, there being no office in Vancouver, to be born in Vancouver in 1886. The Druid Manuscripts were written by his grandfather who was one of Vancouver’s early settlers.  The drawings and paintings were by Tomhu Huron Roberts his son the first recognized artist in Vancouver.

With the 90 manuscripts came dairies of 60 years of John Hugh Roberts life from the time of being a boy in Wales, to a tailor in Toronto, being a real estate investor in Toronto, Winnipeg and Vancouver and finally behind the scenes, writing his manuscripts and completing the Stone Book of Knowledge in the early 1890’s.  An article in the Celtic Connection newspaper in 2005, calls his writing “Mystical Writings from a Cymric Soul”.

John Hugh was raised by three woman, who he referred to as the Three Mermaids, as all their names had some element of the ocean in them, one from Brittany, one from Cornwall, and the one, his grandmother who was from Llaniestyn North Wales. They taught him ancient languages, Cymric, Gaelic, Runes, Ogamy, Egyptian Heiroglyphics, Cuneiform writing, modern and ancient Hebrew and other arcane languages. He writes, that he is, quote, “An Hereditary Druids”(Lords of Teman).

The synchronistical intuitive adventures, the journey of discovery and the knowledge I’ve gotten from researching the manuscripts will be part of this blog. Sharing this vast body of work, and my own Druidical Quest, plus encouraging you to go on a journey of your own will also be part of this blog. In researching the Druid Manuscripts this both taken me travelling on an inner quest within and also traveling to many places in the world. One of course was Wales, to Skirrid Fawr, Criccieth, Aberdaron, LLanesstyen and across from Bardsey Island These meetings continued and the Roberts Heritage Foundation was formed in 1996. Many meetings were with Dr. David Davies, Everild Young.. one of the first white woman to go the Amazon and Jim Stewart who had the most amazing collection of books on the Druids. Other travels have been many stone circles in England and Cornwall, and ancient sites like New Grange, Macchu Picchu and Chitza Intza. Many ancient sites in the world have energy connections to each other.

     Come with me on this whirlwind adventure and at the same time be encouraged to be open to Intuitive Discoveries, Journaling, Storytelling, Seeking Knowledge, Wisdom Questing and find a little more of your own unique special inner journey. At this time in the history of our world it is the right time for this work to be revealed and for you in experiencing it to go into deeper understanding of your own journey and with it growth of yourselves. It is a time of transformation for both ourselves and the world. Follow the work of the Roberts Heritage Foundation.

Comment: “Wonderful journey of synchronicity and intuition in a world of planning and goal setting. The doors that open unexpectedly bring magic.”  Virginia Sauve

“A fascinating deep and dramatic shamanic story of meaningful encounter which I very much enjoyed reading” Kate O’Neil


  1. I’m so excited to read these posts! These druid teachings are close to my heart. I have had some spontaneous experiences with similar beings. I’m looking forward to your writings!!

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