“Inner Merlin” Questing – the work continues with the Roberts Heritage Foundation.

Personal Mandala for Dale Bertrand painted by Leo del Pasqua

Dale’s “Inner Merlin” quest started at the Rainbow Rose Festival
in California at the Pasedena Convention Center in 1979. He had
previously had a hearing loss in his left ear and had decided to see a Dr. David Davies, a scholar as well as a healer. He was delayed in seeing him and went into a room where a lecture was taking place by Rose Gladden, a British healer, while speaking the lady went into a trance and an ‘ancient being’ channeled through her, and told Dale he would be involved in healing. Soon after this he saw Dr. David Davies and later had a strong intuitive feeling to study the Druids.

Days later while visiting his mother, in Vancouver, found she had inherited these writings of John Hugh Roberts who called himself “The last Recorder of the Druids” from Charles Steele, his grandson. Dale then went on a quest to understand both the manuscripts and himself. Dr. David Davies became one of his mentors along with Everid Helweg Larson-Young, who was one of the first lone white woman explorers in South America, visiting Easter Island, Galapagous and China in the 1930’s and 40’s.

Two other travelling friends were Bill Meilan and Patricia Meilan who traveled with him on one of his many trips to Wales and introduced him to many people there. When Dale received the manuscripts, he gave a copy to Dr. David Davies, professor Emeritius, from Abergavanny Wales . A year later he went to Wales to meet with Dr Davies again. They sat for many hours telling stories of their lives and sharing the manuscripts.

Dale was to initiate the ‘Mountain Peace Pipe’ he had been given and chose Skidid Fawr, nearby Abergavanny, to do his ceremonial Peace Pipe. Having been driven out to the mountain in David’s Morris Minor, David’s last words to Dale as he started his trip up the mountain, was, with his arm extended out the window, he shouted “Excalibur”, that was the last time they saw each other.

Dale followed the pathway up the mountain until he found the likely spot he had been told about of an ancient Druid Cave and proceeded to do his pipe ceremony there. A magical moment with the clouds banking up and curling over the east side of the mountain while the west over the Brecon Hills were in blue sky. Below him was was a plane flying and he saw the pilot who seemed to look over and saw him.

Three years later in 1982, Dale and Della were doing a project at the Wandering Spirit Survival school and there was a “Inner Journeying” workshop with a native elder and medicine manJoe Couture. In the workshop he was to dialogue at one point with one person he felt he was inspired by. He chose Merlin,and remembered his first memory was at age 9 or 10 . He told Merlin : “I know nothing more than the Arthurian legends of England olden times. When I read ‘The Crystal Cave’ more was brought to light. I feel the writing have been channeled through the Mystery Schools. When following the Druidical path your name has come up many times as magician, mandrake, healer, benevolent. He told Merlin of a powerful dream he had of being in a large congregation of people and when it was stated “Would Merlin the Mandrake stand up“. he told Merlin he immediately stood on my feet.

Dale then in the inner journeying workshop was asked to have Merlin speak. He writes – Merlin said: ” I was born in turbulant time in Brittany and from an early age many of the ancient secrets were revealed to me. My life as a constant study of nature and the original Spirits. Cycle of time is an important message to receive and understand. There will come a time when all will be well again in this land. When those with pure hearts will receive all. There are many today who will live to see this and those who will pass on will help in the bringing of this positive energy too. Periodically other energies will appear and show the way to people who have experienced and ready for new initiations, always for the betterment of mankind. There is a deep inner place where the light source will open up. Use it with benevolence and openness.”

He then could ask Merlin a question. Dale then asked “Why me, why was I chosen to see the ancient being and receive the paper”?.

He was told by Merlin ” Consciousness, you have a desire to understand and a positive nature to share with others”.

At the end of this workshop which went on for three days Dale felt centered and wanted to continue to keep the flow happening and to approach all projects using meditating, fasting and good health to accomplish the goals set.

Many more inner journeys happened to Dale and some were travelling to Wales which he went to 10 times. Dale will tell more in later posts. In his travels exploring and researching around the British Isles he made many friends who helped him there on this intuitive quest.The Roberts Heritage Foundation was formed in 1996 to continue the work. Living in Birmingham, England for a year in 1998 he and his wife were able to travel and research in Wales, Cornwall and Ireland. Three of his friends who helped were John Baldwin, Elwyn Roberts (who drove us on a trip around Wales) and Marian Hall who we traveled with us to New Grange, Ireland, along with opening up their home to us in Birmingham. Yes there are many stories and Dale will share some of them on this blog.

And so the dialogue with Merlin at the workshop led by Joe Couture in 1982 was near the beginning of the 40 year ‘inner Merlin quest‘ and as life went on many other parts unfolded. In 2008 the Druidical Quest was published. In 2014 the four books of illuminations and then the Stone Book of Knowledge. Today during this transformational time of the Pandemic time of 2020 it continues as it seems we are always confronting a new doorway and for everyone the quest goes on. The Roberts Heritage Foundation will continue the work to keep the legacy of this important material.

Dale Bertrand

Della Burford


  1. It seem for me that getting to where you are now was helped by listening to the whispers.
    Your stories of what has occurred on your path is amazing and graceful.


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