‘Three Mermaids’ by John Hugh Roberts- book produced by Dale Bertrand of Azatlan & Roberts Heritage Foundation – Illumination – Leo Del Pasqua

The Three Mermaids’ was
written at the turn of the century
by John Hugh Roberts
an Early Canadian writer from Wales.
The Illuminations for the series were
commissioned by Dale Bertrand’s Azatlan Publishing and completed over a three year period in the early 1980’s by Leo Del Pasqua. With Roberts Heritage Foundation this became a book

John Hugh Roberts was educated
and partially raised by three women,
one from Brittany – Mary Mortimer de St. John,
one from Cornwall – Mary Temanmaur Young
and Mary Morvin Evans, from Lllaniestyn North Wales
who he understood to be his maternal grandmother.
The three women all had similair names with the sea or
water in them and were referred to as the ‘Three Mermaids’.
As a foundling, they took him under their wings and he was
taught ancient writings and languages, Runes, Oghama,
Egyptian Hieroglyphics, Cuneiform writing, Phoenician,
Cymric, Gaelic, Greek, modern & ancient Hebrew and other
arcane languages.

He writes, that he is one of the, quote “Hereditary Druids”
(Lords of Teman
). We inherit a certain right or privilege
under the covenant, provided we conform to certain ordin-
ances. Among these rights are the privileges of reading
these wonderful records of nearly 73 hundred years
!” unquote.
In the year 1838 he was led to a cave in Cornwall by the
two remaining ‘Mermaids’ and here he was shown many
stone slates. He wrote, “ there were many written in these
Greek letters, and others in Cuneiform hieroglyphics, and
others with pictures, and emblems and scrolls. So that I
became familiar with them by sight, but was ignorant of
their content.”

Later in his life he received a charm of which he writes,
“enclosed in the charm, a key to these hieroglyphics! And
for the last nine years, I devoted all my time to the study
and translation, of these ancient Secret Inspiration, and
.” These last nine years of John Hugh Roberts life
were spent in Vancouver. He died in 1917.

Dale went on a research trip to Wales in the 1980’s and
found the original home of the grandmother in
Llaniestyn, North Wales. The lady of the house read the geneology
John Hugh had written and said the grandmother was a
relative to her. Both her husband and her were both fascinated
with the story and the writings of their ancestor.

At the house of the Grandmother in Llaniestyn in North Wales .

Dale and Della also asked Barbara Tremain of Cornwall to use her psychic abilities and find the location of the Mermaid ceremonies.We met Barbara thanks to Sue Bladdon who lived in Cornwall and was a friend of Elwyn Roberts and Marian Hall.

Barbara Tremain took us to what we called “The Mermaid Cove”

We went to many Stone Circles which will be featured in a later blog.

Sue Bladdon and Barbara Tremain at ‘The Mermaid Cove’ in Cornwall.

This is the beginning of the manuscript ‘The Three Mermaids” by John Hugh Roberts.

“In the year 1800 at a young Ladys School in the West of England, three young ladys therefore strangers to each other, became fast friends, their names in full were Mary Mortimer de St. John, Mary Teman Maur Young, and Mary Morvin Evans. The first was a native of the west of France (Brittany), the 2nd, of the west of England (Cornwall) and the third from the west coast of Wales.

The curious thing about them is their names are nearly the same Literal meaning: John , Young and Evans all mean young, and the second name , Mortimer, sea of the house of Mer-Mercury, Teman Maur (Mar), house of Man –  Place of the Sea, Movrin (Sea of the hill- Maunt) and because of this reference to the Sea, doubtless, the received the name Mermaids.

When I was a boy the three resided in Cornwall, and once a year they (with others) visited a famous Stone Circle and certain Cave and relics, observing some Ceremonies, the object and nature of which at that time was unknown to, particularly the one on the seashore, in which I always appeared to have the Chief Part to play. I was taught to say a number of verses in a language unknown to me, but which I have lately discovered what it was, or particularly so, at least.

 Mary Movrin Evans married one Captain Roberts, a native of Cornwall. The other two as far as I know were not married. The oldest son of Captain Roberts (Robarts) also became a Captain and part owner of the ship “—-“. I was taught and believed he was my father. But recently I have discovered that he saved me when a baby not a month old from the shipwreck of his ship, onboard of which I had been sind the 2nd or 3rd day of my birth – and adopted me as his son, my own parent’s having been lost in the shipwreck.

 If I had suspected these particulars, when I was young, and any of these ‘three mermaids’ were still alive, I might have discovered the secret. But the three have long since going to kindred spirits. The first to go was my grandmother. On the occasion I was the Chief Mourner according to Custom. Very strange indeed were the circumstances in connection to the funeral. But as these will belong to the next number of the ‘Translator’.

 I will confine myself to a strange discovery I did make while the two were alive. Aunt Mortimer and Aunt Young. At the time I had not suspicion these two had a hand in the discovery but I shall give them the benefit of the doubt I entertain at present. It was the discovery of THE STONE BOOK, one of the most remarkable books written by man. By man I not mean one man, for hundreds have written the book, but all of it is after the same rule or manner. Although there are three distinct periods and each have their distinctive character, again, if I had any about the contents, at the time, I might of copied such parts that the reader would be most interesting to the reader and myself. What I actually did copy and not lacking in interest, however they shall appear in future numbers.” John Hugh Roberts

This first part of the Three Mermaids is in “The Druidical Quest” book … the whole manuscripts is in the book ‘The Three Mermaids’ with the writing of John Hugh Roberts which has been produced by Dale Bertrand and the Roberts Heritage Foundation and illuminated by Leo Del Pasqua.

The Three Mermaids by John Hugh Roberts – Illuminations by Leo Del Pasqua – Produced by Dale Bertrand for Azatlan
Della Burford and Dale Bertand at Bocsacwen-Un where they felt some of the ceremonies took place for J.H. Roberts.

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