First Trip to Wales to Stone Book of Knowledge – thanks to Azatlan and the Roberts Heritage Foundation.

When Dale had the experience of seeing an ancient being in California in 1979 he knew he should study the Druids. He then went to see his mother in Vancouver who had been given in the passing of a good friend Charles Steele his grandfathers (John Hugh Roberts) writing – manuscripts on the Druids. So was after seeing Dr. David Davies about this hearing loss and feeling he should study the Druids he felt intuitively he should give a copy of the Druid manuscripts to Dr. Davies.

Dr. David Davies wrote Dale a letter saying what had happened to Dale in seeing a initiative from another ‘dimension’ (story is in first blog) was an important part of something that was meant to be and wonderfully monitored so that the manuscripts could come into his hands. He also confided to Dale that he was a Druid in a former life.

Dale across from Bardsey Island in Wales

He wrote Dale a letter . He reassured Dale that he was ideal to tackle the J.H.R. paper. He mentioned it could take a long time – seven years to have material for a religio-philosophical book as well as a novel.

Well it has taken 50 years .. the Stone Book of Knowledge is now published, four illuminated books of the stories in the manuscripts and one documentary book of the quest by Dale Bertrand involved. There have been many experiences and yes Dale had felt he has sat at times on the empty seat ( the Siege Perilous) at Arthur’s round table , the CATHEDRAL OF INTUITION. Twenty five years ago the Roberts Heritage Foundation was formed to preserve the heritage of the Roberts family.

There is more to come.

The Stone Book of Knowledge is 253 hand written book which was written by Welshman John Hugh Roberts at the turn of the century. This writing written in Canada came into the hands of Dale Bertrand with an inheritance and strange series of synchronistical events in 1970-80’s initiated by an Ancient Being. This book was published by Azatlan Publishing and the Roberts Heritage Foundation.

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