Gaelcerth of Halloween

John Hugh Roberts wrote a story on the Galecerth of Halloween. This has been illuminated and make into a picture style book. Leo De Pasqua an amazing artists did detailed drawings around the writings of the story. We will write the beginning and show a few of the pages. It is available on Amazon and you can see the link below:

“One of those ceremonies that has survived since the time of the Druids is yet kept in Wales on the 11th of November every year, or at least there were observed there during the time that I was in the country ( from 1834 – 1840). I took part in the ceremony and I was old they are yet (1888) kep up.

For a week before the time with the children & some old people , too, gathering materials for this bonfire which is lighted at sunset (old style: 11th, mostly). Anciently , every house in the neighborhood put out their fires so that they could be relighted from the Galecerth but in my time but five of the families did this.

The description of the last I attended there will answer for all of them. It was Wednesday the 11th of November 1840. The moon was yet looked full (17 days old) The sun set at 4:30 when I lit the bonfire. It was my right to do so because I collected the greatest amount of materials for it. The Master of Ceremony that night was a stranger to me, a very old man who sat near the fire unil the sign told him to sound the trumpet. The sign of the Bear was low in the North. The Prime of 1st Stra 9(upper) of the Chair of Casiope.On the zenith, Orion the Pliades and in the east tje Tryedj-y Dre stars of the Druids in the Way nearly from East to west. Then the old man slowly arose and handed me the trumpet, which I sounded, keeping time with the motions or sounds he made.

Then he described how the Queen of the Fairies entered with her subjects and guardians.

And so the story goes .. check it out on Amazon .. we always imagined it being acted out.

Thanks Della and Dale

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