Ancient Wisdom Quest Chichen Itza

The time around the equinox is a special time at many magic stone circles and stone pyramids around the world. The equinox is Sept 21- this year even more powerful as a full moon.

As I (Della) read recently something that Ryan L. Rios states in Harvest Moon…And Aequinoctium Autumnal Approaching:

“On September 22nd this year the Sun will cross the Celestial Equator from the Northern Hemisphere into the Southern, the Earth will be halfway between Solstice and Solstice, and the Sun will rise exactly in the East and set exactly in the West, making day and night equal in length.

The ancient sky-watchers used the stars above to form the constellation of the cardinal zodiac sign Libra–the Balance–to signify the time when daylight and darkness were balanced. This astronomical event held great importance to ancient agrarian societies, because it marked the location when the Sun and ecliptic traversed over the equator–an important event for timing the harvest.

In the Land of the Maya at the precise moment of the equinox, when the Sun shines directly on the equator, a shadow appears along the banisters on each side and slithers down the stairs of the main pyramid known as El Castillo at Chichen Itza, Mexico.

The Maya who constructed this ancient temple used advanced astronomical calculations to determine the exact angle of the staircase in order to bring about this play of light and shadow and to bring Kukulkán to life.

The Equinox is all about balance. This is a time where the day and the night are of equal length, and the energies coalesce. Nut, the Kemetic (Egyptian) goddess of the sky protects the feminine energy of night. It is during this time that her body is exposed, revealing the stars and the cosmos that create her. Geb, the Kemetic god of the Earth heralds the masculine energy of the day time. The balanced duality of the Equinox grants equal hours of the day and night. This isn’t a coincidence… the stars remind us to facilitate that balance within ourselves and to let the opposing energies coalesce in you just like they will for Nut and Geb.”

Wow, really time to reflect on our inner selves which seems to be what is happening for a lot of people during this post pandemic days.

One treat I gave myself during the Pandemic was doing a class with the Mexican healer Sergio Magana. Fascinated to hear him talk about how the pyramid at Chitza Itza was used in ancient times for dream study. Apparently the different levels were for different advances in dream study. Fascinating. Dale took a photo of a sculpture in the pyramid that shows a posting used in dreaming.

During this time of “more night” may the stars guide us. Here’s to reflection.

And also to balance.

Guest writer – Della

Photo taken by Dale Bertrand of Chitza Itza in Mexico

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