Roberts Heritage Foundation – 26th Anniversary in 2022!

This year will be the 26th anniversary of the Roberts Heritage Foundation!

Certificate of Registration for the Roberts Heritage Foundation.

The purpose as stated in the original document:

To sponsor and foster public education on the history of Early Canadian artists and writers and their contribution to culture in Canada.

To research, format and preparation of dairies, journals, manuscripts, technical lesson books and paintings in the preservation of educational for heritage connection of knowledge to British Columbians, Canadian and other communities.

In preparing the books listed: Three Mermaid, Galecerth of Halloween, Chief Festival of the Druids, Nennius, Druidical Quest and the Stone Book of Knowlege we are fulfilling this mandate.

5 of the six books published .. thanks to Roberts Heritage Foundation.

We have also developed the website

We are encouraging storytelling, questing and inner growth which was so much a part of the Roberts families lives. We feel this is an important element in people’s growth today.

We will be celebrating this year and will share details later.

Thanks Dale and Della

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