Illuminations of the Druid Manuscripts – Leo Del Pasqua – published by Azatlan Publishing

In the 1980’s I had 180 pages of illuminations done of 16 pages of Roberts original writings. These books are now published 2015 and they can be purchased at Amazon Books .They were illuminated by Leo del Pasqua a very talented artist who is presently living outside of Ottawa, Canada.

Dale Bertrand

The Three Mermaids:
-written by John Hugh Roberts
These were his three teachers as a child. One from Brettany, another from Cornwall and the last or his supposed Grandmother from northern Wales.
Excerpt: “…and because of this reference to the sea, doubtless, they received the name of mermaids…. and once every year they (with others) visited a famous stone circle, and a certain cave and relics, observing some ceremonies, the object of which at that time was unknown to me. ….etc.”

The Gaelcerth or Bonfire at Halloween:
– written about by John Hugh Roberts
– Taking place in the 1830’s
“….while thus engaged, there is a great commotion among the large crowd. The Queen of the Fairies was approaching. She was dressed so fantastically that her best friend could not have known her. At her approach a large ring was formed, into which the queen marched with a number of her subjects. The Master of the Ceremony approached the ring and conversed with the queen. ….. etc “
Chief Festivals of the Druids
-written by John Hugh Roberts
Except from a song sung in in a ceremony on the seashore in Cornwall England in the 1830’s. It was sung in the ancient language Kymric:
“….the Druids and Christians shall meet on the shore
Foot to foot, knee to knee,
Breast to breast, embracing.
With the kiss of goodwill
We will fulfill
The ancient custom of Lamprying.
written by John Hugh Roberts
Nennuis was a supposed Catholic Bishop/Historian in the 6th century.
John Hugh suggests in his writings that he found his tomb…? The Stone Door:
“…when I discovered this book in the underground chamber in that old mansion long ago, I gazed with wonder on his bones still parly in the stone chari, where he had peened these words long ago. There were wome tatters of his vestments also there and other things proving that he was in “Holy Order”. The cause of this man’s death was his disregard of ‘the key’….etc”
Illuminations by Leo del Pasqua
Three Mermaids
Gaelcerth of Halloween
Chief Festival of the Druids

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