Finding the Ultimate Druid Library

Dale visited many places in Wales. He went to the village Llaniestyn where Roberts grandmother, one of the three mermaids lived. His grandmother and her two friends were called mermaids as their names had the sea in them.

He also visited Aberdaron where boats go the Bardsey Island and to Carn Fadryn, Pwllheli, Sachas, Port Macoc, and to Criccieth where he met a remarkable man Jim Stewart who showed him a library he will never forget.

Dale says in his diary- :“… he lives in a beautiful house, one of 7 row house, 3 stories high that borders the beach in Criccieth that happens to look south over Sarn Badric and Black Rock Sands. He led me through the house and in nearly every room, lining the walls, bookcases were filled with gold embossed and leather bound books,
the vast majority of them on the early Celts and Druids. My heart had goosebumps on it. He said he collected these books in Wales, often by the roadside when people threw them away during the late 40’s and 50’s. .. and over the years had amassed this wonderful collection.”

Another fascinating place on the LLyen Peninsula is Port Neigwl which Dale feels is connected to the Nergals (branch of the Druids called Lords of Teman).

This drawing is from the story of the three brothers who round a stream that took them to New Azatlan. Azatlan is part of the Roberts dairies so that is why Dale has called his company Azatlan.

Lots to explore in Wales!

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