John Hugh Roberts – Druid from Wales to Canada 1850

This blog site includes information on the life of the Robert’s family in Vancouver, and the story of John Hugh Roberts – who called himself the “Last Recorder of the Druids”. Born in Wales, Roberts immigrated to Canada in the early 1850’s and after some time in Ontario and Iowa, eventually came west and settled in Vancouver in the year 1883 where he homesteaded at 10th Ave and Quebec. He spent his time writing his diaries and the druid writings in these early days of Vancouver. He wrote a vast amount of material both factual, in his diaries and mystical in his druid recordings. He succumbed to old age in 1917 in Point Grey. His writings, 50 years of diaries and his mystical writings remained undiscovered until 1978. Shortly after this Dale Bertrand became involved in researching his diaries, writings and mystical codes.

The research behind these mystical writings has taken Dale to Wales many times, from Ireland, Cornwall, to Mexico, to Peru following up on many of the incredible details he wrote some 150 years ago. This material has recently been made into a book called Druidical Quest available on Amazon.

Raised and educated by three woman, one from Cornwall, one from North Wales and one from Brettany, they taught him ancient languages and many ceremonies, that he always seemed to have the chief parts to play.

These ceremonies took place in many ocean coves and ancient stone circles in Lands End, Cornwall and in Central and North Wales. The Gaelcerth, the Festival of the Red Swords and many other ceremonies were performed. The last nine years of his life he wrote the book “The Stones of Knowledge” which Azatlan Publishing has now produced.

Roberts Heritage Foundation

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